Rolsing to head Center Board of Directors

New Leadership for Center of Concern Board of Directors

On July 1st, Kathy Rolsing of Park Ridge was selected to lead the Center of Concern for a two year term as the Chairperson of the agency’s Board of Directors.

Jim Rad
Jim Radermacher

Rolsing replaces outgoing Chair Jim Radermacher who stated, “my last two years serving as Board President have been one of the best experiences of my life. It has truly been an inspiration to be involved with the staff, the Board and the vast network of volunteers that work daily to change the lives of the most vulnerable people living in within our community. It has been a privilege to serve thanks to the support of all the communities the Center serves.  I look forward to continuing that work in my continued role as a board member”.

Executive Director John McNabola commented “we are indeed fortunate to have Kathy’s vision and leadership as we embrace future growth and program development to address needs of the over 50 population.  Our Board of Directors is a diverse group of experts who guide the direction of the agency as we explore new opportunities to provide housing solutions, supportive services and counseling to support the needs of seniors and family caregivers.”

Kathy Rolsing
Kathy Rolsing

After assuming her new position as Board Chair, Rolsing said, “I am excited about this new opportunity to establish an even closer association with this wonderful organization, its staff, board, volunteers, clients and supporters. My hope is that together we can continue to enhance our services, increasing our outreach to improve the lives of even more community members. Continued collaboration and communication in our community will be a personal priority to insure that the Center is responsive to changing needs and is easily recognized as an important and effective community resource.  I am honored to be selected to be a small part of the Center’s role in “Supporting Families, Strengthening Communities”.


The story behind the new logo

Exciting things are happening here at the Center of Concern. New programs, new partners, reinforced infrastructure and systems, new faces, and a new visual identity.


Five things you probably didn’t know about this new visual identity:

  1. The process began almost a year ago with a thorough evaluation of our mission and values and how to best express them.
  2. We reached out to an amazingly talented designer for our logo design, Carla Surma. Her design expertise and marketing and branding background culminated in a unique logo that is true to our mission and compelling to our community.
  3. Committed members of our marketing committee dedicated countless hours of review and vetting to arrive at this visual identity.
  4. The final visual identity represents a trusted friend who is always by your side in a time of need. This image depicting an arm around a friend’s shoulder was inspired by one simple act of kindness:  A hug.
  5. The colors used in this visual identity are now the colors of the offices at the Center of Concern.

For 36 years the Center has provided support to seniors, families and members of the community who are or have experienced difficulties, going through life-changing events or need assistance in their daily lives. Whether it be homelessness prevention, counseling to seniors or the disabled, legal assistance or estate planning or just a friendly visitor to brighten the day of a homebound senior, the Center of Concern has been a trusted friend.

And as we look ahead to the future with a revitalized vigor and energy, we wanted the look of the Center to not only be one of a progressive organization but one that epitomizes the compassion, generosity and commitment of people dedicated to helping people in need. Therefore, we joyfully and respectfully present to you the new visual identity of the Center of Concern.

We believe this new logo elegantly and simply personifies The Center’s mission-and reiterates that it will always be there with support and reassurance for at-risk members of the community.

Supporting Families. Strengthening Community.

The rationale for our new tagline was derived by taking an in-depth look at all of the solutions the Center makes available to families and individuals. Solutions to alleviate crisis and provide reassurance–someone to be a friend to Mom or Dad; looking in on loved ones when family might not be able to; helping families in jeopardy find temporary housing or shelter; offering home sharing options to someone living alone–helping with upkeep as well as providing companionship; helping those down on their luck or out of work get training, employment counseling, and earn back their self-esteem; providing comfort to the husband caring for his wife with Alzheimers through support groups and counseling.

In all those ways it is supporting families and in doing so, helping them stay connected to the community and remain a thriving, contributing member.