Center of Concern and FISH of Park Ridge Join Forces



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Senior transportation services for Maine Township and Park Ridge

Two long-time Maine Township agencies are joining forces to provide senior transportation services to Park Ridge and Maine Township residents beginning June 27, 2016.  The Center of Concern and FISH of Park Ridge will provide reliable volunteer-based transportation to and from medical and dental appointments for residents who are mobile and live in Maine Township or Park Ridge.

There will be no changes to the current process of FISH transportation service for Seniors.  Transportation services are free and there is no charge for a caregiver who accompanies a senior client.

Vehicles are driven by volunteers and are not equipped with special lifts, ramps or other devices.  Drivers are not trained to assist those with special needs, and everyone who uses this service must be able to get to, into, and out of a car with minor assistance. Canes and walkers can be accommodated, however, clients who rely on wheelchairs should use a paratransit service.  Return transportation from any procedure or operation where anesthesia or opiates are administered such as oral surgery, colonoscopy, cataract surgery, root canals, etc. is not available.

FISH of Park Ridge services will be operated out of the Center of Concern.

To schedule a ride or to volunteer call 847-823-0453. At least one week in advance of appointment is needed to schedule transportation service.

The mission of The Center of Concern is to provide housing assistance, support services, and counseling for seniors, the disabled, and others in need enabling them to live with dignity and independence.

The mission of FISH of Park Ridge is to provide reliable volunteer-based transportation to and from medical and dental appointments for Park Ridge and Maine Township residents who are mobile and live in the communities we serve.

Center of Concern and FISH of Park Ridge are 501(C) 3 not- for-profit agencies operated by volunteer Boards of Directors.  All donations are tax deductible -please consult your tax professional.

It’s more than help – It’s a gift of compassion, hope and dignity

Portrait of an adult woman with his elderly mother.Helping local adults address challenges related to aging and maintain their independence in their own home has been the Center’s inspiration for nearly 40 years. With ever greater numbers of seniors living on fixed incomes and contending with higher costs of home ownership, healthcare and uncertainties in estimating the real costs of extended nursing care stays, more people than ever are in need of the Center’s housing solutions, supportive services, and counseling services. This past year has brought added challenges with the loss of state funding. A $43,000 deficit resulting from a reduction in State awarded funds has placed a larger burden on staff and volunteers to keep important services in place which allow seniors to remain safely in their homes longer, provide affordable housing solutions, and assist families with difficult decisions in caring for the elderly and disabled.

We need your help more than ever this Spring to keep our services in place and avoid a shift to costlier, taxpayer funded police, fire, and emergency room first responders. Your gift will also help us with new initiatives to engage greater numbers of volunteers to improve the quality of life for residents and the larger community. Please be generous in helping us keep all of our programs in place and avoid the reductions in service delivery which have been so widespread amongst other social service agencies.

Senior woman holding hands with young ladySeniors from every community are faced with unexpected hardships. Our client Lilly lost everything important to her when her husband died unexpectedly. Life for Lilly was difficult and confusing until a friend told her about the Center’s supportive services. Ever since her call for help, Lilly has looked to the Center of Concern for friendship, support, and a home. After securing a job, apartment, and car. Lilly states, “I don’t know what I would have done if not for the caring and support from the Center’s staff. I was able to get back on my feet and everyone was so helpful in guiding me through a very difficult chapter in my life.” Every day, someone like Lilly walks through our door. These are your neighbors, and they need your help.

Your donation will make a tremendous difference in helping us improve lives in our community especially with continued delays in receiving State funding. With your help, we can continue continued delays in receiving State funding. With your help, we can continue serving residents so they can maintain their independence, well-being, and dignity.

Will you help the Center of Concern continue to be the place where Seniors can receive housing support, services, hope, and most importantly — dignity.





John McNabola, Executive Director