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Imagine your parents or grandparents without family nearby to care for them. Imagine your parents or grandparents waking up every day, lonely and confused. Imagine having to give up your home of many years without the support and guidance needed to address challenges related to aging.
“Barbara used to go to bed every night knowing that tomorrow will be the same as the day before. Her struggles of isolation and depression only deepened with the coming of every new day. She sensed a deep feeling of hopelessness with the loss of friends and family”. 
 “After his wife passed away and without children living nearby, Robert had difficulties keeping his home in order after exhausting his life savings with expensive nursing care bills.  As months passed, he dreaded waking up each day knowing he could not manage to live on his own at home”.

For hundreds of seniors like Barbara and Robert, the Center of Concern’s staff and volunteers bring confidence, hope and companionship to residents by offering housing solutions, counseling, and supportive services to help residents overcome hardships and remain in their homes with dignity and independence.  The Center of Concern imagines a brighter, stronger future for home-bound and lonely seniors by building stronger communities. But we can only continue our valuable programs through the generosity of people like you, who have been an integral part of our mission for nearly 40 years. Can I count on you? As a citizen of our community, you can provide the leadership and commitment necessary to help our most at-risk seniors remain in their homes and find expert help to overcome challenges related to aging. Tonight, when you close your eyes, imagine the love and concern you can provide seniors by giving during this holiday season.
With warm wishes for a blessed holiday season, 
John McNabola
Executive Director
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Arts for the Homebound


The Center of Concern has partnered with the Park Ridge Cultural Arts Council (PRCAC) and Brickton Art Center to brighten the lives of homebound seniors.

“Art for the Homebound” is a first for Park Ridge,” said Diddy Blyth, president, PRCAC. “Our aim is to enhance the lives of our isolated seniors and the disabled through in-home art sessions provided by local professional artists or trained art angel volunteers.”

Homebound seniors and the disabled will have the opportunity to appreciate and create art within the comfort of their own home.  The program captures variety of disciplines such as writing, drawing, music, dance, and painting by engaging with talented volunteers. The disciplines include:

  • Writing – Writing coach to help seniors, create their own memoir of special moments or life experiences.
  • Painting – Artists bring all materials to create a watercolorist canvas.
  • Music – Musicians will help with piano lessons, and listening to classical music.

For more information on Arts for the Homebound, call Park Ridge Cultural Arts Council at 847-638-6383 or Center of Concern at 224-503-4372

Your Guide to All Things Electronics!

The Digital Connection – Your Guide to All Things Electronic!


Personal one-on-one interaction in variety of technology topics such as computer, mobile device, and internet help answer your questions. If you have questions about settings up, or how to use your Electronic device come to “Your Guide to All Things Electronic”. The digital Connection will spark excitement and enthusiasm over an activity so beneficial for keeping pace with technology and maintaining a stronger connection with family and friends.


The Digital Connection is a partnership with the Park Ridge Rotary Club, the “Connecting for Good” program which helps students build leadership and communication skills as they introduce computer and social media technology to adults served by the Center of Concern. Maine township students and Boy Scouts pursuing Eagle Scout merit awards are active participants in this exciting intergenerational program.


The Digital Connection – “Your Guide to All Things Electronic” will be held at the Park Ridge library on December 27th from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm and January 8th from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm. You can make reservations by calling Center: 847-823-0453, and walk-ins are also welcome.

The Center of Concern’s “Connecting for Good” program is funded in part by NobleCause and the Park Ridge Rotary Foundation.