Home Sharing

The Center of Concern connects seniors and responsible adults who have a room in their home to rent with individuals who seek affordable housing. Through our program, the CoC staff matches individuals by application screening and interviewing applicants. Each setting is different and every seeker/provider have their own needs.

Why Home Share?

  • Supplement income
  • Achieve continued independence
  • Alleviate financial stress
  • Possible assistance with household chores or errands
  • Potential companionship while maintaining an independent lifestyle

How does it work?

The Center of Concern receives inquiries from the potential Providers and Seekers via the link below. A full application will then be sent via email (or mailed if necessary) to be completed. Applications are carefully reviewed and a call or e-mail may be sent to clarify or complete missing information. Once all forms are complete, the matching process will begin. Please be aware that this is not an emergency shelter program nor is it a caregiving arrangement. There are no time frames for matching Providers and Seekers, nor is there any guarantee that you will be matched.


  • Complete application
  • Provide valid photo ID/DL
  • Submit a non-liability waiver and criminal background check authorization form completed (Check is completed before a contract is executed for both seeker and provider)
  • Submit four character references
  • Seekers must provide proof of verifiable income

The Home Sharing application fee is based on a sliding fee program that allows us to reduce or "slide" the fee based on family income and family size.   SLIDING FEE SCALE - Based on 2017 Federal Poverty Guidelines (below).

HS sliding fee 2017

* Our first priority is to serve and place clients from Maine Township, specifically incorporated Des Plaines, Niles, Park Ridge and portions of Morton Grove, Glenview, and Rosemont. We also serve residents of other northern Cook County areas except for the city of Chicago.

If you're searching for a home click here to complete the application.

If you want to share your home click here to complete the application.