Advisory Board

Center of Concern Advisory Board

Civic-minded residents serve as strategic thought leaders to further the mission of the Center of Concern. Members of diverse backgrounds come together as collaborators and catalysts for representing their specific knowledge area in the community to advocate for the needs of residents served by Center of Concern’s human services programs.

Advisory Council Job Description
Ongoing with no specific term, or may be specific to the needs of the Center of Concern

Quarterly meetings via Zoom


  1. Advise – Recommends actions or policies to the Board of Directors and/or staff, does not set policies
  2. Educate – Takes the initiative to become knowledgeable about the agency, programs, and policies of the organization to advocate in the community
  3. Communicate – Maintains open communication with staff and other Advisory Board members
  4. Support – Provides positive support of the organization offering advice and recommendations as needed
  5. Ambassador – Interacts in the community on behalf of the Center of Concern

Time Commitment:
Varies, but generally 1 to 2 hours a month


David Donovan

Insurance Broker, D.D. Donovan & Sons Insurance Agency

Judy Donovan

Friends of the Library Board, Park Ridge Community Board

Rev. Dr. William G. Grice III

Paster Emeritus, First Congrational Church, United Church of Christ, Des Plaines

Jay Kuchel

Insurance Broker, Retired

Richard G. Larsen

Retired Attorney

Karen Larsen

Owner, Generation Connection

Michael McAllister

Retired, Northern Trust Bank

Millie O’Brien

Park Ridge Community Fund Board Member

Maureen Strauts

Attorney/Partner, Martin, Craig, Chester & Sonnenschein, LLC

Adrienne Timm

Director, Social Service Ministry, St. Paul of the Cross Church

Gail Haller

Park Ridge Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director

Richard Whalen

Principal, Deloitte Advisory

Don Smith

Attorney, Alderman City of Des Plaines

Daniel Kuhn

Vice President of Education for All Trust Home Care

Myrna Fogarty

Retired, Nurse and Social Worker

Schwana Keith

Advocate for the Center of Concern

Dirk Ahlbeck