The Center of Concern Auxiliary is open to all and is intended to provide opportunities for participation in activities that help provide support to the clients of the Center of Concern and the community. The Auxiliary meets approximately 6 times per year and helps out when needed at events to benefit the Center. The auxiliary members have fun while raising money for the Center.

If you’re interested in helping as a member of the Auxiliary and use your talents for special events feel free to contact the Center of Concern by emailing or calling 847-823-0453 or Christine at 847-823-8755.

Auxiliary Officers:


Christine Perille (11)

Vice President

Janice Hunsader (10)


Suzanne Dahm (2)

Pam Dardi (5)


  • Corky Allegreti
  • Diane Braun (8)
  • Nancy Buckely
  • Kim DiFranco (1)
  • Marion Friel
  • Kathy Gazzolo (9)
  • Kathy Hirsch
  • Barbara Johnson
  • Mary Klauck
  • Martha Luzio (4)
  • Cathy Mayer (6)
  • Carey Meredith (3)
  • Nancy Spircoff
  • Jenine Tsikretsis
  • Carol Verre (7)
  • Betty Williams
  • Marianne Janesku
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