Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are individuals committed to the Center’s important mission of “providing housing solutions, support services and counseling to seniors, the disabled and others in need so they can live with dignity and independence.” The Center’s Directors offer diverse backgrounds and experience while sharing a strong passion for caring for the needs of local families.

Board Members:

  • Thomas Merlin, President
  • Eric Stenstrom, Vice President
  • Patricia Sheehan, Treasurer
  • Rev. George M. Schelter, Secretary
  • Kathleen Rolsing, Past President
  • Rudolph Smolka
  • John Pearson
  • Karen Stanton
  • Janis Eizis
  • Patrick Keenan
  • Cathy Thompson
  • James Radermacher
  • Hardik Prajapati
  • John Kerin
  • Marta Hoover
  • Bruce Gilpin