Community Service Programs

Community Service Programs

The Center of Concern offers a wide range of free or minimal cost professional counseling sessions to help seniors and their families. All services are available by appointment at the Center of Concern. Click The Program Inquiry button to set an appointment or get more information. To see a Calendar of available dates click here or call us at 847-823-0453 x1008

Legal Counseling

Professional volunteer attorneys provide general legal assistance and advice. Services also include power of attorney for health care or property. For will preparations, volunteer attorneys will provide services for individuals making under $27,610 and couples earning under $36,635.

Medicare & Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP)

Our trained volunteers give objective information and counseling about Medicare and SHIP to help you understand your specific rights and options. The volunteer counselors do not sell or solicit any type of insurance and are trained to educate consumers and answer questions about Medicare, Medicare Supplement, long-term care insurance, Medicare HMOs, private fee-for-service and other health insurance. They will also organize and assist in filing Medicare and Medicare Supplement claims and Analyze Medicare Supplement and long term care policies.

Financial Counseling

The Center of Concern offers free budget and debt counseling to those who need help with budgeting, money management skills, and credit issues. Our volunteer counselor will assess your current financial situation, develop realistic spending plans, establish achievable financial goals, and create a personal plan for success.

Income Tax Assistance

Professional volunteer accountants provide income tax preparations services to clients with an annual income below $60,000 from February 1st to April 15th.

Energy Assistance Program

The energy assistance program is a program designed to educate seniors on smart grid data and technology to manage energy use mainly through a series of lunch-time programs. Seniors will have the opportunity to bring in their utility bills to utility bill clinics to receive one-on-one counseling or can learn about energy savings programs through the phone in coordination with the Citizens Utility Board.

Contact: Older Adult Education Coordinator Bhumi Patel at (224)-585-0077 for more information

Employment Counseling

Our employment counselor reviews education, skills, interests, and personality of clients to determine and plan for possible career paths.