Community Services

The Center of Concern offers a wide range of professional counseling services to help members of the community. All services are available by appointment. View our calendar of available dates or call us at 847-823-0453 to make an appointment.

Legal Counseling

Professional volunteer attorneys provide general legal assistance and advice. Services also include power of attorney for health care or property and will preparation. Volunteer attorneys will provide services for individuals making under $30,000 annually or couples earning under $40,000 annually, with total assets (not including your home/primary residence) under $50,000. If you do not qualify for services and need a referral, please call us at 847-823-0453.

Financial Counseling

The Center of Concern offers free budget and debt counseling to those who need help with budgeting, money management skills, and credit issues. Our volunteer counselor will assess your current financial situation, develop realistic spending plans, establish achievable financial goals, and create a personal plan for success. Call us to set up an appointment.

Income Tax Assistance

Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) program offers free tax preparation help to individuals who are age 60 and older as well as people with low household incomes. Tax return preparation assistance is provided to taxpayers during the normal period for filing Federal income tax returns which is from January 1 to April 15 each year. However, the program provides quality tax assistance year-round. Please call for assistance.

Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

The Center of Concern’s IRS Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) provides legal representation to eligible residents before the IRS or in court on audits, appeals, tax collection matters in dispute amounts of less than $50,000. Learn more at

(Download the Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet and Consent to Disclose Tax Return Information PDF form to print and fill out in advance of your appointment.)

Employment Counseling

Our employment counselors review education, skills, interests, and personality of clients to determine and plan for possible career paths. Call us for an appointment.

COVID-19 Resources

Find current COVID-19 information and resources on our webpage