Thank You!

As we embark on our 41st year of service, the Center of Concern continues to acknowledge those who have been our advocates in the past and who continue to support us as we further the inspiring work of our founder, Dee Heinrich.  The same mission which inspired our inception has carried forward over the years as we continue to provide services for Older Adults, the homeless and, persons with disabilities and others in need, enabling them to live safely and independently.

Your generous donation of allows us to advance the inspiring work that began in 1978 as we inform, advocate and intervene on behalf of residents struggling with challenges related to aging, homelessness, and accessing resources to remain independent in their homes.

We sincerely appreciate your gift.  You’ll receive an acknowledgment in the mail this week.

If you have any questions about your gift please call the Center of Concern at 847-823-0453 or email Greg at [email protected]


John McNabola