Holiday Appeal

Please join us in helping your older adult neighbors and friends this holiday season.

Challenges for older adults are greater than ever as baby boomers settle into retirement, healthcare costs continue to escalate, and the devastating effects of isolation impacts families separated by distance. Imagine the difficulties you would encounter living on a low or fixed income struggling to manage everyday tasks like grocery shopping, household chores, and the rising costs of rent and homeownership.

The Center of Concern encounters many heartbreaking stories of residents who have depleted their retirement savings after caring for a spouse and coping with reduced Social Security benefits after the loss of a loved one. “Each year the holidays are harder for me and I feel more and more lonely. I have already accepted there will be no phone calls and my holiday celebration has become a pre-cooked meal and a slice of pie. My isolation deepens as I notice neighbors celebrating with friends and family, the smell of turkey dinners, but most of all, a longing for the happiness I once experienced at holiday time. Many a night loneliness overcomes me as I cry myself to sleep wishing to be with loved ones lost”.

With growing numbers of older adults experiencing hardships in our community, support is necessary to reduce isolation and overcome challenges related to aging through companionship, effective intervention, connection to resources, and ongoing services bringing hope and support throughout the year.