Holiday Appeal

Join Us in the Fight Against Loneliness

This holiday season, join us in the fight against isolation and loneliness. Your donation enables the Center of Concern to continue offering critical services to address the unique needs of older adults such as decreased access to social opportunities and community resources.

Older adults are often socially isolated and lonely which leads to a number of increased health risks (Source:

➜ Social isolation significantly increases risk of premature death from all causes, rivaling the risks of smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity
➜ Social isolation is associated with a 50% percent increased risk of dementia
➜ Loneliness and social isolation is associated with a 29% increased risk of heart disease and a 32% increased risk of stroke
➜ Loneliness increases an older adult’s risk of depression, anxiety, and suicide

Donate to the Center of Concern to help us support vulnerable older adults. Our agency’s programs and services are carefully tailored to connect clients to the important resources they need so that they can safely age in place with dignity.

➜ 80% of Center of Concern clients have low or very low incomes as defined by the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
➜ Cost burdens among older adults are at an all-time high.
➜ The average Center of Concern client is a single female aged 62+ whose annual income is less than $18,500.
➜ 20% of older adults suffer from depression.
➜ Adults aged 65+ is the fastest growing demographic in the U.S.

You Can Make a Difference.

Donate and support Center of Concern programs and services to alleviate physical and emotional burdens. Together we can enable older adults to remain living in their homes safely, connected to their communities, and maintain their dignity and independence.


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