Housing Services

General Housing Assistance

Our Case Managers counsel individuals and families having difficulty with their current housing situation. We guide those searching for low-income or disability housing in North Suburban Cook County. The Center of Concern staff works with clients to identify the resources necessary to make informed decisions.

The Center of Concern Housing Program serves the community through its supportive services and access to effective community resources through established partnerships. Residents from North Suburban Cook County with inquiries concerning rental, security deposit, utilities, or financial assistance should call to be connected to resources for these services.
Navigating through the world of senior housing choices can be difficult. Our dedicated staff presents seniors and their families with care options, counseling, referrals, and facility information. The senior’s needs, financial status, and healthcare issues can all impact the overall plan. Our goal is to provide options and the information needed to make the best choice.

The Rapid Re-Housing Program helps individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness secure safe and affordable housing. Residents of North Suburban Cook County receive housing case management services to help them access resources to overcome hardships and secure leases in their own name. Our program helps individuals and families who are literally homeless with financial assistance to overcome barriers to finding housing on their own. Please note: Our program is currently closed, but we are accepting new applicants as availability becomes available. If you wish to inquire about the Rapid Re-Housing Program, please call us 847-823-0453


  • Literally homeless. Click here for the HUD Definition of Chronic Homelessness
  • Fleeing Domestic Violence – Fleeing/Attempting to Flee. Definition: Any individual or family who is fleeing, or attempting to flee, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

The Center of Concern connects seniors and responsible adults who have a room in their home to rent with individuals who seek affordable housing. Through our program, the Center of Concern staff matches individuals by application screening and interviewing applicants. Each setting is different and every Seeker/Provider have their own needs.

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Are there service fees?

Most Center of Concern supportive services for seniors and family caregivers are free of charge. Please see below for additional information about our service area and possible service fees.

The Center of Concern Service Area is primarily Maine Township in North Suburban Cook County, Illinois. Most all of our housing support services are provided free of charge and select services are provided on a sliding fee scale basis for residents of Maine Township.

If you are not a resident of our designated service area, you may pay a service fee for individual services depending on the service you are requesting and the availability of Center of Concern staff to provide the service.

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