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Center of Concern Summit of Uptown

Reflections from Summit

When you break your leg, the solution is straightforward—even if it’s not always easy. A doctor puts your leg in a cast and you walk with crutches until the bone knits together and you can walk on it again. The same is true for many other health conditions that challenge….
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Center of Concern Age Options

Use it or Lose it - "Successful Aging"

Memory loss is a universal concern. What is normal and abnormal memory loss? What can be done to reduce the risk of memory loss? How is memory loss diagnosed and treated? This presentation will answer these questions and offer tips…
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Center of Concern Home Sharing

Home Sharing

The Center of Concern connects seniors and responsible adults who have a room in their home to rent with individuals who seek affordable housing. Through our program, the Center of Concern staff matches individuals by application screening and interviewing…
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Center of Concern Tax Assistance

Tax Assistance

The Center of Concern Income Tax Assistance Program offers tax help generally to seniors, low-income and the disabled who earn $60,000 or less a year. Trained community volunteers can help eligible taxpayers with credits, such as the EITC…
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