Pandemic Pals

Pandemic Pals

Chicago Tribune columnist, Rex Huppke reached out to his readers on Twitter, Facebook using the hashtag #PandemicPals, and in his column on March 23, 2020. Through his readers and followers Rex set up a network of volunteers who write letters/postcards to isolated seniors and individuals with disabilities.

The Center of Concern’s 65 Senior Companion Volunteers have kept in touch with their clients via phone calls.

As a small way of thanking the Senior Companions for the hard work they do all year, I reached out to Rex to see if cards/letters could be sent to the Senior Companion Volunteers in care of me to forward to the Senior Companions. I explained about the hard work they do with isolated seniors and he answered me immediately asking for their names.

As of today, I have received over 100 cards and letters to pass on to the Senior Companions. I want to thank all of the card and letter writers who have participated in #PandemicPals and will be mailing these cards/letters to the Senior Companion Volunteers this week.

On behalf of the Center of Concern Senior Companion Program I am extremely grateful to Rex Huppke for his incredible idea of offering support for seniors and those with disabilities.