Pinwheel Palooza


“Planted in the Community for 40 Years”

1978 – 2018

The Center of Concern is 40 years old this year! We’ve talked with many of our homebound older adults and asked them about the toys from their childhood that they fondly remember. The Pinwheel was one of many nostalgic toys mentioned that brought them joy and happy memories. So we thought what better way to help celebrate the Center of Concern’s 40 years of service than the iconic Pinwheel that many older adults remember?

The flowered shape of the Pinwheels is used to signify the Center of Concern being “Planted in the Community” since 1978.

Join us for our 40th Anniversary celebration by purchasing a garden Pinwheel for your yard!

You can also help us plant a “Community Garden” of Pinwheels at a location of your choice or ask us for a recommendation. We have some great locations ready for a Pinwheel garden to be “planted”! Pinwheel Community Gardens can be in your yard, a business location/public space with permission. Or you can ask us to choose a location of which we have approval and identified in the community. If you purchase more than one Community Garden you can choose one location or several. Community Gardens include a sign of explanation and can be in memory of or in honor of. We’ll take care of Pinwheel planting useless you’d like to help plant the Pinwheels!

And for every Pinwheel we sell, $1.00 will be put into a drawing and the purchaser’s name will be entered. On October 12th, the date of our 40th Anniversary Celebration, one name will be drawn to win the entire pot. Our goal is to sell 1,000 Pinwheels: the winner would receive $1,000.

Purchase Pinwheels here: