Senior Companion Program

Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion Program (SCP) provides individuals who are at least 55 years of age, reside in Suburban Cook County, and have an income at or below 200% of the poverty income guidelines with meaningful volunteer opportunities within their communities. Income eligible Senior Companion volunteers receive a non-taxable hourly stipend and other compensation as part of the program. Volunteers are also welcome to participate if their income exceeds the guidelines but are not eligible for compensation. All volunteers receive pre-service training prior and ongoing support and in-service training as part of the program.

Senior Companion Volunteers provide services to older adults (55 years or older) in the person’s home (may include assisted living, retirement communities) and help older adults achieve and maintain the highest possible level of independent living. Senior Companion volunteers provide companionship and assistance to an average of 2-3 clients weekly. Senior Companion Volunteer might take a homebound older adult grocery shopping, assist an individual to learn a new life skill, or escort a client to a medical appointment.

There is no cost to the clients for these services. Without the help of Senior Companions, many older adults would not be able to continue living independently.

Can you be a Senior Companion? Senior Companions are:
  • At least 55 years of age and live in suburban Cook County (Excludes Chicago)
  • Can volunteer at approximately 15 hours per week
  • Have a limited income (in order to be eligible for the hourly stipend and other compensation)
    Example: Household size: 1 person-Maximum
    Household Income: At or below $30,120 yearly (2024 Income Guidelines) $10,760 per additional household member.
  • Love to help their neighbors and remain active in their community
As a Senior Companion, you will receive:
  • A Non-Taxable/Non-Reportable Hourly Stipend-$4.00 (if income eligible)
  • Meal Reimbursement
  • Mileage/Transportation Reimbursement
  • Supplemental Accident/Liability Insurance while Volunteering
  • Paid Holidays, Vacation, and/or Sick Days
  • Paid Pre-Service and On-Going Training Opportunities
  • The joy of helping others remain independent
The individuals helped by Senior Companions receive:
  • Assistance with important daily tasks
  • Encouragement to remain active
  • A watchful eye to notice when they need extra care
  • A friendship that can last a lifetime

You do not need medical or technical skills to be a Senior Companion. All you need to know is how to be a friend. Senior Companions offer senior adults contact with the world outside of their homes and make their lives less lonely. Along the way, Senior Companions find out that few things feel as good as knowing you are needed.

To become a Senior Companion Volunteer or for information on services, please call Mary, Senior Companion Director, at 847-242-8010 or email her at [email protected].

Click here for the Senior Companion brochure

The Senior Companion Program is sponsored by AmeriCorps and is a federally funded program.