Spring Appeal

Spring Appeal 2020

In the last couple of months we’ve seen first hand how the Center of Concern had to quickly adjust and adapt in providing critical services to the most vulnerable populations in our communities. People most at risk during this global pandemic are Older Adults, individuals with disabilities and families at risk of homelessness. Requests for help at the center have increased 45% and continue to grow. The Center of Concern staff alongside 320 active community volunteers, including us the Teen Board, have stepped up in response to the increasing need.

Since the middle of March, our monthly planning sessions have evolved into weekly Zoom meetings so we could provide as much help to those in need during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Besides calls to check-in on older adults, we are organizing a project to feed area homeless and coordinating community efforts to create, assemble and deliver “Joy Packages” to home-bound older adults. It’s a lot of work and we are truly inspired by the Center’s ability to provide on-going support to so many people in need.

At a time when we are unable to partake in the “normal” celebratory milestones such as commencement ceremonies, participation in sports, birthday parties, even spending time with our grandparents, the Center of Concern is showing us that service to others in times of anxiety, stress, and unexpected obstacles provides hope.

As a community working together, we can help each other and really prove that we are “In this together”. We hope you will join us by giving a donation or volunteering to support the Center of Concern this spring and continue to be a positive factor at a time so many in our community have been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Center of Concern Teen Board

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“My case manager was always there for me, she said she was available day and night, and she was there were many times I had called or texted her because I didn’t know what to do. She was so supportive, guided me through tough times, and assured me that I could make it through any challenges that I would face. She was always encouraging me to succeed and be the woman that I was meant to be. She assisted in finding better jobs so that I could support myself, helped me build a good resume for future job interviews.”
“This service is what a senior needs; the help of a trusted Senior Companion who can help me and other seniors who need help. Especially the ones who do not have their family that live nearby and that can help you with errands, appointments to the doctor’s office, grocery store. Your Senior Companion Program is the best for us seniors so thank you for the program.”
“When I am with my Senior Companion, she is my eyes as I am legally blind. What a godsend in the grocery store – and medical appointments. Thank you, Center of Concern.”
“Thank you for your help and care and especially with all the food items. My situation has worsened much this month and all the food items were much appreciated. You are so wonderful. We could not believe the people that I spoke to were so courteous and especially the personnel who came to our home and interviewed us. A friendly visitor was given to us – to take us to the store and we never dreamed we would have such a person like her. She treats us better than family and words cannot express our thanks for what your organization does.”
“I know that I wouldn’t be here if it were not for her encouragement. I have done so much with the words she has said to me, and how she has treated me. We all know how hard it is to make it through life and she is the one that has helped me view the world as a playground, where I can do anything that I want, instead if a scary world where I am always afraid and frustrated with how life is going. My life is not perfect, but I am on my way to getting it there. Thank you to all at the Center of Concern for your amazing help… “
“..I am able to go to work and not worry about my loved one (mother). Your program is truly a blessing to me.”